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A guide valuation for a vehicle of this make and model with average mileage and condition for its age. Useful when it comes to negotiating a price

Car Valuation

There are many factors that help make up a car valuation, from its age and mileage to condition and the number of previous owners. To avoid getting ripped off or becoming a victim of vehicle fraud, it is important to ensure that the price you pay for any used car, van or motorbike is accurate and not overblown.

Our car checks all include a good estimate of vehicle value, whatever make and model it may be, so you have a good expectation of what to pay for any used vehicle. This also offers a good negotiation point when looking to get a good deal on a fresh car.

Used Car Value Calculator

Our car value calculator uses data from the DVLA, insurance companies, industry bodies and more to accurately determine used car values. This provides you with an excellent estimate for how much you should expect to pay for a used vehicle or get from a buyer if you are looking to sell a vehicle.

If the car you’re looking at is for sale for a much higher amount than the car value estimator states, then you can either walk away from the sale or use this as a solid point of negotiation. Either way, you can remain safe in the knowledge of the actual vehicle value to make an informed decisiont.

Trade in Price Guide Online

The car price guide we offer with all HPI car checks is an essential option to use when buying a used car. It requires a lot less effort than searching similar vehicles on the market and working out its car valuation based on many individual factors.

Plus, we offer the genuine HPI car check, that includes providing the vehicle value as part of it, as opposed to places that claim to offer a free car check. These are unlikely to be the genuine service and should be avoided, as a free car checker will not provide the full and accurate information required to stay safe and avoid vehicle fraud.

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