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HPI - Car Valuation

A guide valuation including 4 market values for a vehicle of your chosen make and model - mileage and condition adjustable. Useful when it comes to negotiating a price.

Car Valuation

There are many factors that help make up a car valuation, from its age and mileage, to condition and the number of previous owners. To avoid getting ripped off or becoming a victim of vehicle fraud, it is important to ensure that the price you pay for any used car is accurate and not inflated.

For most vehicles our HPI car check includes an accurate valuation of the car you are hoping to buy, so you have a realistic expectation of what to pay for the used vehicle. This also offers a good negotiation point when looking to get a great deal on a new car.

Used Car Value Calculator

Our car value calculator uses data sourced from various suppliers, reviewed and collated by our industry experts on a weekly basis. This provides you with an excellent estimate of how much you should expect to pay for a used vehicle or get from a buyer if you are looking to sell a vehicle.

If the car you’re looking at is for sale for a much higher amount than the car value estimator states, you can either walk away from the sale or use this as a solid point of negotiation. Either way, knowing the vehicle’s true value will give you the confidence to make the right decision.

Past and Future Valuations

As well as the current value, an HPI Check now includes information about the historical car value. This is useful for calculating the residual car value and working out how much the vehicle may be worth in the future if you hope to sell it on, based on its previous valuations and price trend. A good insight into its past car value will also help you work out how accurate its current valuation is, highlight any discrepancies and show if you’re getting a good deal based on its sale price.

The future car value is an important factor to consider when buying a used car. The HPI Check includes the future vehicle value, predicting what the car you are interested in may be worth in the coming years. For those only looking to buy a car for the short term or seeking one that holds its value well, this can be a decisive factor.

Find an Accurate Valuation

We use the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) to determine the valuation of a vehicle. This makes it quick and easy to discover an accurate amount for the used car you are looking at rather than guessing based on many individual factors.

Get a good idea of how much you should be paying if you’re buying a used car, or how much you should be selling one for, with the valuation we offer here at HPI Check. With over 81 years providing HPI Checks, we deliver reliable and accurate results every time.

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