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HPI - Estimated Fuel Costs

The estimated fuel cost is based on 12,000 miles. This figure will help to gauge and compare the ongoing running costs of the vehicle you’re looking to buy

Estimated Fuel Costs

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, there are a lot of car running costs involved that should be considered besides the actual price of the car, van or motorbike. One of the main ones will be fuel costs, whether you decide to go for a petrol, diesel or a hybrid model.

It is therefore important to estimate fuel cost before buying any used car, van or motorbike so you can accurately budget for your expenditure when running and maintaining the vehicle. Our HPI car check includes a reliable fuel cost estimation for any vehicle.

UK Car Running Costs Calculator

The estimated fuel cost is based on 12,000 miles for each vehicle and can be used as an excellent way to work out the car running costs for the vehicle you’re looking to buy. These can then be compared against others to help you make a well-informed decision on the best vehicle to purchase.

All the data used to estimate fuel costs for our HPI vehicle checker comes from many reliable sources. These include the DVLA, insurance companies, industry bodies, the National Mileage Register and more. It is an incredibly useful action to take to ensure you decide on an affordable new car.

Online Check

For the most accurate and up to date assessment of fuel costs for any vehicle, the HPI car check we offer delivers the perfect solution. It also prevents you becoming a victim of vehicle fraud if the car’s identity, mileage or any other aspect has been changed or tampered with by the seller, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Choose between a single HPI check for £19.99 to help work out car running costs or opt for three for £29.99. Enter your registration number and email address to buy a check today.

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