Vehicle Finance Fraud Hits the Headlines

It has never been more important to check that the used car you want to buy isn't subject to outstanding finance.

The Daily Mirror highlighted the story of the Jackson Family. Mr Jackson was shown a certificate which turned out to be a fake. Had he run his own check he would have found out that the car he wanted to buy was on finance. The finance company repossessed the car leaving Mr Jackson with no car and out of pocket. Always do your own HPI Check, do not rely on the person you are buying the car from.

WARNING - Not all car data checks are the same


Make sure you get full information on outstanding finance when you buy your next used car. Some checks do not include finance. It is essential that you get correct finance information before you commit to buy your next car. No one checks with more loan companies than HPI.

If you don't check for outstanding finance, your new car could be repossessed. You could lose the car and all the money you paid for it, even if you have a receipt from the vendor.

All you need to check a vehicle is the registration number (VRM. If you don't have the mileage and VIN you can add these to your check later.

1 in 5 cars HPI check have outstanding finance recorded against them

* Checks cost £9.99 each when you purchase an HPI Multicheck for £29.97. Single checks cost £19.99.

1 in 3 cars we check has something to hide!

From just £19.99 per vehicle we can also tell you if the car you want to buy is:

  • recorded as stolen
  • an insurance write-off
  • has a mileage discrepancy

HPI Checks give you complete peace of mind with up to 80 separate data points checked to uncover the true history of a vehicle. All HPI Checks come with our unique document check service.

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