Get an HPI Check

To get your HPI Check, all you need initially is the vehicle's number plate (VRM) and your payment card details. This will give you an instant online report about the vehicle's history.

Buy an HPI Check

If you know the car you want to check out, buy a single HPI Check for only £19.99

Buy 3 HPI Checks

If you're looking at more than one car, the HPI Multicheck (3 x HPI Checks) will allow you to check up to 3 cars for only £29.97, that's just £9.99 each

Completing and updating your HPI Check

If you don't have all the information required to complete your check straightaway, you can come back online and update your check for free within the next 30 days.

To complete your check, you will need to provide the vehicle identification number (VIN) as well as the mileage and V5 registration document issue date and serial number within the next 30 days.

Redeeming your pre-paid HPI Multichecks

When you buy an HPI Multicheck, your emailed results will have a promotional code on it. You will need to use this code to redeem your remaining prepaid checks.

HPI Check by phone

The HPI Check is also available through our call centre.
To speak to an experienced member of our team, please call 0845 300 8905 and select option 2.
Checks via our call centre cost from £24.99.

8am-6pm Monday to Friday,
8am-5pm on Saturday,
10am-5pm Sunday and Bank Holidays.

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