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HPI - Imported Car Check

Has the car been imported or exported

Imported Car Check

With an HPI car check you can discover if the car, van or motorbike you want to buy has been imported or is recorded as an exported vehicle. The history of an imported car can be difficult to find before its registration in the UK, while any vehicle recorded as exported should not be on sale.

Our vehicle checker includes a car import check along with many other inspections to help you make a safe choice when purchasing a new vehicle. It can show if a car has been imported, which may make you reconsider or avoid buying it.

Has a Vehicle Been Imported or Recorded as Exported?

An imported car is a lot more expensive to insure and it can be difficult and costlier to find and fit replacement parts, should it breakdown. This will therefore have a big impact on your decision to buy the vehicle, so it is worth double checking with an imported car check.

Any vehicle that has been recorded as exported should not be in the country. Immediately this raises questions about the car and its identity, if it is supposed to have been shipped abroad. Plus, you will not be able to insure a vehicle marked as exported.

Effect on Value

Buying an imported car without knowing can therefore work out to be more expensive in the long run. Plus, you will not be able to drive a vehicle registered as exported or sell it on, as it cannot be insured.

Our car import check is available individually or can be bought as part of a multi-order alongside two other checks. Information is supplied by sources including the DVLA, police records and insurance companies to ensure everything is reliable, up to date and our vehicle checker is one of the best around.

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