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Insurance Write-Off

Has the vehicle been too badly damaged to be repaired economically or safely; has the insurance company declared it a total loss?

Insurance Write Off Check

It is important to undertake a vehicle history check every time that you buy a used car, van or motorbike to be fully confident that it is fit to drive. There are a lot of vehicles for sale through individuals, dealerships and private sellers that have either been damaged beyond safe repair, become a DVLA write off or named a total loss by insurance companies.

For this reason, it is essential to undertake a car write off check on any vehicle before agreeing to purchase it. This is included in all HPI car checks and will provide you with the safe knowledge that your new car is fully roadworthy.

Check if a UK Vehicle Has Been in an Accident

Our vehicle checker will determine if the automobile being inspected has previously been in a serious accident in the UK. Around 4% of all vehicles that undergo a HPI car check have been written off due to theft or damage.

Some of these will have been reliably repaired but you will need proof of this to stay on the safe side. Others will have experienced such severe damage that they should not return to the road and hold a lot of danger for anyone driving them, providing a real reason to get a vehicle write off check done on any new car you are considering.

Buying a Write Off

There are some write offs that can still be worth buying, repairing and putting back on the road, but it is important you know its exact history and condition. There are four categories of car write offs and any that fall under category A must be scrapped and in B must only be used for parts, while C and D can be safely repaired and run again.

It is essential to check if a car has been written off before buying, to avoid the dangers of driving a possibly unsafe vehicle or to know what repairs will need making. Do this with a HPI car check that includes a vehicle write off check as part of its service.

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