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HPI - Car Write-Off Check

Has the vehicle been too badly damaged to be repaired economically or safely; has the insurance company declared it a total loss?

Car Write-Off Check

A car write-off check is an advisable action to take when looking at buying any used car, van or motorbike. This will flag up if the vehicle you want to purchase has previously been in an accident, or even worse, written off.

There are numerous reasons insurance companies write-off cars and it always means the vehicle will not be safe to drive. Therefore, it is essential to arrange a car write-off check for any vehicle before agreeing to purchase it.

Check if a UK Vehicle Has Been in an Accident

Our vehicle checker will determine if the car being inspected has previously been in a serious accident in the UK. Around 2205 vehicles per day that undergo a HPI car check have been written off due to theft or damage.

Some of these will have been reliably repaired but you will need proof of this for your own peace of mind. Others may have experienced more severe damage, to the point where they are no longer roadworthy. This provides a real reason to get a vehicle write-off check done on any new car you are hoping to buy.

Buying a Write-Off

There are some write-offs that can still be worth buying, repairing and putting back on the road, but it is important you know its exact history and condition. There are four categories of car write-offs. Any that fall under category A must be scrapped and in B must only be used for parts. If it has been classified as a category A or B in a vehicle write off check then the car isn’t safe and should be avoided completely. S and N category write-offs can be repaired and reappear on the road.

It is essential to check if a car has been written off before buying, to avoid the dangers of driving a possibly unsafe vehicle, and to know if it has been in an accident and requires any repairs. Do this with a HPI car check that includes a vehicle write-off check as part of its service.

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