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HPI - Logbook Check

Check the logbook actually belongs to the car you’re looking at and is the most recent issue

Logbook Check

A logbook check is highly advisable when buying a used car, van or motorbike, as it quickly determines whether there are any identity issues with the vehicle. This validates that the logbook belongs to the vehicle being looked at and that all the details included in it are correct and line up with the car’s history and condition.

A logbook check comes as part of all HPI car checks we offer, and is the easiest way to ensure the right documentation is attached to the correct vehicle. Otherwise it will be likely that the car you’re buying is stolen.

Stolen Car Registration Document (V5C) Check Online

There are thousands of stolen V5C documents in circulation and any vehicle which is found to contain one is likely to have been stolen itself. Buying a stolen car can lead to all sorts of problems, even if you didn’t know it was stolen when buying it, which is why checking the V5C document before purchase is so important.

Therefore, a registration document check is an essential action to take before buying your next vehicle. The V5C check will determine whether it is the correct documentation for that car, and if it is not then you should avoid buying the vehicle.

Vehicle Legitimacy

Every car logbook check will confirm the legitimacy of the vehicle for sale. It allows you, the buyer, to discover whether the logbook belongs to the vehicle or not, and will make you aware of any risks its history or current condition may pose.

This is included as part of every vehicle checker service we offer, and informs you that the logbook is the most recent issue as well as matching with the vehicle. Book in for a logbook check as part of our HPI checks today.

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