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HPI - Mileage Check

Is the car displaying the correct mileage?

Mileage Check

Arranging a mileage check on any used car that you are hoping to buy is a good idea to avoid becoming the victim of vehicle fraud. If the car you are looking at is displaying an inaccurate mileage on its clock, then you can end up running into serious and costly problems.

Our mileage checker uses data from the National Mileage Records (NMR) to ensure we provide information from an accurate and reliable source. Make the most of this for your own peace of mind when buying any used car, van or motorbike.

Car Mileage Discrepancy

A car mileage discrepancy can signal that the vehicle has been clocked, meaning someone has tampered with the meter to make it appear as if it has done fewer miles than it has. It can be done to mask the real mileage, ensuring its value does not drop.

This can be dangerous if you don’t carry out a vehicle mileage check and it has been clocked, as it may be hiding serious problems and a lot of wear and tear. You could also end up paying well over the odds for the vehicle depending on how much its mileage has been changed by.

Check if a Car has been Clocked

Serious mechanical failures could also occur if you do not use a mileage checker when it has been turned back. Without knowing about its true mileage, you may not book it in for the regular services it needs and it could end up costing a lot more than you first expected if such problems go undetected.

That’s why you should make use of an HPI mileage check as part of all car checks we supply. There is no such thing as a genuine free car check, so avoid using places that advertise as such, as they are unlikely to be reliable.

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