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HPI - MOT History Check

An MOT check is included as part of every HPI Check that we provide on any car. This allows you to view the MOT history of a vehicle you are interested in, providing an excellent insight into how well it has been maintained throughout its previous ownership.

MOT History Check

Along with all the other information that’s included in a HPI Check report, such as the logbook check, number plate changes, estimated fuel cost and more, the car MOT check is incredibly useful for car buyers. Discover more about a vehicle MOT check below and get an instant HPI Check by entering your registration number and email address today.

Save Money and Reduce Risk

One in three cars we inspect have something to hide. With an HPI Check you get to see the full MOT history of your chosen vehicle, leaving nothing in the dark. The information contained in the MOT history section of a HPI Check includes the date of every MOT alongside the vehicle’s mileage, expiry date, refusal and advisory notices and its current status.

If there are a long list of advisory notes for every MOT, then it suggests the vehicle has not been properly serviced and maintained. This could result in extra expenses if you buy the car and a higher risk of it experiencing mechanical faults if it has not been looked after well by previous owners. On the other hand, if there are few advisory notes in the MOT check section then it is likely to have been well maintained and be in a better condition.

MOT Test Database

An MOT is simply an inspection and does not include any maintenance. Therefore, if there are many advisory notes in the MOT history check it doesn’t mean that they have been acted upon. It is worth cross-referencing the information in the MOT car check with the other sections for your own peace of mind.

All the data used at HPI Check is from an MOT database that goes back to 2005, so as long as the car has had an MOT since then, the test results will appear. Check the MOT history of any car before buying, as part of an HPI Check.

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