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HPI – Number Plate Changes

How many number plate changes has the car had and is there anything outstanding on a previous plate

Number Plate Changes Check

A change in number plates can simply have occurred as people want to personalise their vehicles, but it can also be done to hide the car’s past. Therefore, arranging a reg check on any car, van or motorbike that you are interested in buying is a great way of staying safe and avoiding becoming a victim of vehicle fraud.

Many car reg check users discover that the vehicle they are hoping to buy has had at least one number plate change in the past. It is important to be aware of this and if the seller does not point it out then you will have reason to be suspicious.

Number Plate History & Vehicle Registration Checker

A number plate check is available individually or along with two other HPI checks as part of a multi-order. Using data from the DVLA ensures that the HPI check we offer will accurately determine the number plate history of any vehicle for sale.

This includes when the car, van or motorbike has had a number plate change, so you can see whether this information matches up with the seller’s claims. If it does, then there should be nothing to worry about, but if it doesn’t then you should avoid purchasing the vehicle as the seller may be masking problems with it.

Legitimate Changes

There are various legitimate changes that a registration check can bring up, mainly when people switch plates to have a personalised one. Whenever a vehicle registration check shows that the plates have been switched, whatever the reason, it is important to make sure there is nothing outstanding on the previous plates.

When looking for a vehicle checker, be aware that there is no such thing as a free car check. Places that advertise as such do not offer the genuine article. Ensure you only use a reg checker from reliable sources such as HPI Check, as we developed the first ever vehicle history check and have been providing HPI checks for over 77 years since.

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