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HPI - Stolen Car Check

Is the vehicle currently recorded on the Police National Computer as stolen?

Stolen Car Check

When it comes to buying a used vehicle, there are many things you will want to be sure of and check over before making a purchase, for your own peace of mind. One of these factors will be to check if a car is stolen before buying it. At HPI we offer a vehicle checker service that will detect if a vehicle is stolen.

This can quickly determine whether a vehicle you are interested in is stolen or not. Undertaking a stolen car check is an important step to prevent yourself becoming a victim of vehicle fraud.

How to Check if a Vehicle is Stolen

There are many car checks that must be made when looking to buy a new vehicle and checking the legal ownership is an important one. A stolen vehicle check is included as part of an HPI check, which will instantly flag up if the vehicle you’re looking at is legally owned by the seller.

The car history checker will scan through the Police National Computer to determine if the vehicle you are looking at has been stolen. Every day 109 cars are recorded as stolen on this database. It undertakes a stolen bike check as well, to cover all types of vehicle for sale on the market.

Buy a Stolen Car Check

An HPI check should always be performed before buying a car to avoid purchasing a stolen vehicle. If you discover a car, van or motorbike you want to buy is stolen as the result of a stolen car check, then avoid buying it.

Check if a car is stolen by buying a single stolen car check online today, or place a multi-order including two other car checks. At HPI Check we have been checking vehicle histories for over 77 years since first introducing the practice, so provide reliable and accurate results.

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