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Extra products to help you get the most out of motoring

Our knowledge and experience of the used car market has enabled us to deliver products and services that will help you every step of the way; from choosing the right car through to protecting your new purchase and providing peace of mind with your new set of wheels.

Bike History Check

Thinking of buying a second hand bike? Let us help you protect your investment by uncovering its past before you part with your hard earned money. The HPI Check® will tell you if the bike you want is stolen, written off or still on finance.

Van History Check

Is the van you’re looking to buy stolen, written off or on finance? The HPI Check will reveal any hidden history so you can buy your van with confidence. Millions of vehicles are checked every year by HPI. We’re committed to protecting the consumer from fraud.

HPI Expert Inspection Report

When buying or selling a used vehicle you should always get an inspection report from HPI. Our expert engineers will check the car thoroughly for hidden repairs, faults and damages and expose any problems before you make an offer.

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