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If there is a problem with the mileage on the vehicle you are looking at, make sure you understand what the problem is and what it could mean for your potential purchase.

You will receive one of four responses:

  1. 'No mileage discrepancy is currently indicated by the National Mileage Register' - the mileage you have entered appears consistent with any other mileage readings held by HPI.
  2. 'Information provided by the National Mileage Register indicates there may be a discrepancy with this vehicle's mileage' - these discrepancies could indicate that the vehicle has been 'clocked'. It is in your best interest to investigate the mileage readings and dates using Service History, MOT's and any others documents associated with the vehicle to satisfy yourself the mileage readings are acceptable.
  3. 'The mileage you have entered is inconsistent with other data currently held on the National Mileage Register' - there is a difference between the mileage you have provided and other data held at HPI, which suggests the figure you have provided may be incorrect. If the mileage figure you have supplied is incorrect please contact HPI with the correct mileage reading. If the mileage is correct it is in your best interest to investigate the mileage readings and dates using Service History, MOT's and any others documents associated with the vehicle.
  4. 'Data currently held on the National Mileage Register indicates that this vehicle may have been subject to an odometer change' - there are a number of legitimate reasons for replacing odometers, but you should be aware that the vehicle has probably covered more miles than are currently indicated.

Where does the National Mileage Register receive their mileages from?

  • Manufacturers
  • Dealer Groups
  • Owners
  • DVLA
  • BVRLA - British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association
  • HPI Check

Q & A

Q: There is a discrepancy on the vehicle I have checked ? should I buy it?

A: All of the mileage information on the HPI system is supplied by third parties in good faith and cannot be validated. If you have any queries regarding the mileage we have provided, we suggest you speak to the seller of the vehicle to provide evidence to back up the vehicles mileage; for example the Service History and other documentation (we would advise you to contact the servicing dealers or any other mileage information suppliers to confirm the information if possible), or if necessary contact of the previous keepers shown on the V5C (vehicle registration document)

Q: I believe that a previous mileage entered on your database is incorrect. Can it be changed?

A: In order to best protect you, mileages cannot be removed without evidence to prove they are incorrect. If you think written information that proves a mileage reading is wrong (e.g. Service History, MOT) please supply HPI with a copy of the proof and we will be happy to evaluate and remove the reading where appropriate

Q: There is no mileage discrepancy currently indicated by the National Mileage Register can I please have the mileages you hold?

A: No unfortunately in order to protect the database mileages can only be disclosed on discrepant vehicles. If we were to supply mileages they could be used by unscrupulous 'seller' to clock a vehicle.

Q: I have already purchased the vehicle and now find it has been clocked. What should I do?

A: We would strongly advise you to seek advice from your local branch of the Trading Standards if bought from a dealer. We would be happy to cooperate with any investigation the Trading Standards carry out.
If you have bought the car privately we suggest that you contact your local CAB or seek advice from a solicitor. Please note in all cases the police will not be able to help as clocking is a civil offence

Q: How easy is it to change the odometer or tamper with a mileage?

A: 1 in 14 vehicles have some sort of discrepancy. The average car does 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year, so if you think the mileage is inconsistent with the age and condition of the car it is worth investigating further.

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