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Whether you are buying a new caravan or a new car to tow your existing caravan, TOWSAFE provides an invaluable service matching car to caravan in terms of weight ratios, which will help you ensure you stay within the law when towing.

Only TOWSAFE matches a specific car with one or more caravans, and also advises on an outfit's suitability depending on driver experience. Only TOWSAFE highlights outfits where the car manufacturer's Gross Train Weight is exceeded, or which outfits require a B+E qualification on your driving licence. Only TOWSAFE warns of possible restrictions to published car towing limits imposed by the manufacturer, dependent on the number of passengers and/or severity of incline, as well as advising about nose weight compatibility. Remember, if your outfit is incorrectly matched you may be stopped, fined £1000 and have 3 points added to your license.

Be Safe. Be Legal.

TOWSAFE costs just £9.99 and gives you 5 matches.

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Theft and fraud in the motorhome market has become an increasing problem. To combat this problem the UK Motorhome Industry and HPI joined forces to create MINDER, a vehicle security and asset registration system to help protect against theft and fraud.

Motorhomes sold since 2001 carry a unique Motorhome Identification Number (MIN), a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and their Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM). This gives a greater all round level of security to owners and enables future buyers to identify the vehicle and check its history with confidence.

In addition, to ensure accurate identification, each motorhome has a 'hidden' electronic tag and visible etching of the MIN number, as well as a permanent warning sticker.

Manufacturers or importers who would like to protect their motorhomes or use our trade MINDER Check service should contact MINDER on 01722 435478 or email for further information.

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