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1 in 3 we check has a hidden history

1 in 3 we check is still on finance

We identify 53 per day that are currently stolen

970 per day are uncovered as insurance write-offs

Why an HPI Vehicle Check is beneficial for you

  • An HPI vehicle check ensures that you’re fully equipped with vital facts that can help protect yourself from being the victim of a motoring scam.
  • Our HPI vehicle check is fully comprehensive and ensures that you don’t become involved in a fraudulent deal by giving you up to date information about your new potential vehicle, be it a car, motorbike or a van.
  • At HPI we’re experienced vehicle checkers and our thorough vehicle history check provides you with important information about the car you’re wanting to buy so you can make a fully informed decision.
  • Our vehicle history check covers everything from the vehicle’s MOT history to any outstanding finance owed on the vehicle, if the car has been recorded as stolen, mileage discrepancies, the number of previous owners and more.
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Why You Need to Use our Vehicle Checker

With the number of stolen vehicles on the increase each day, the probability of you becoming involved in a motoring scam is only increasing so it’s vital that you always check the vehicle history first.

By using our vehicle checker, you’ll be able to discover if there’s a mileage discrepancy meaning vehicle could have been clocked, if it’s had its number plates changed or is damaged goods, before you make a financial decision you might regret.

It makes sense to use our vehicle checker to protect yourself against the potential risks you face when buying a used vehicle.

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How our vehicle checks work

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Enter the chassis number (VIN) and logbook (V5C) details to protect against clones

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Highly impressed, very comprehensive and informative service

“Highly impressed, very comprehensive and informative service, if purchasing a valuable vehicle gives peace of mind and a guarantee.”

Mr Andrew Coleman

Stress Saver

“When you are about to spend your hard earned money on a second hand car, this service is a 'must have'. It’s quick, gives you all the reassurance that you need when you buy your car. I would definitely recommend to any buyer.”


Excellent service, would highly recommend.

“We used HPI check because we trusted their information on a used car that we wanted to purchase. In the world of used cars this proved to be invaluable advice, we would recommend anyone thinking of buying a quality used car to use this service.”

Mrs Jean Sankey

Quick and accurate

“Very quick and accurate, also phoned me when I wasn’t convinced so nice of them to put a personnel touch rather than just using a computer, would definitely recommend.”

Mr Carl Bennett

The Industry’s Finest Vehicle Check

79 Years The HPI Check EST: 1938

More experience and expertise than any other vehicle history check.

£30,000 data guarantee*

We are so confident in the accuracy of our car check data, we back it with a guarantee.

“You should do an HPI check before you hand over your payment”
“Vehicle history provider of the year 2017”
“Getting an HPI check can prevent you being conned by a dodgy used vehicle”
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