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Is the bike you're about to buy good or bad

Find out now with an HPI Check

1 in 5 bikes we check has something to hide, 1 in 14 have been written off by an insurer and 1 in 10 are still on finance.

  • HPI Guarantee cover up to £30,000*
  • Used by the motor trade, police and Trading Standards
  • Comprehensive finance check
  • Unique clone protection*
  • Vehicle identity check
  • Insurance write off check

What will an HPI Bike Check tell you?

  • Is it stolen?

    More than 375,000 vehicles are stolen in the UK every year. The check uses police information to confirm whether the vehicle is currently reported as stolen. If you purchase a stolen vehicle the Police will probably confiscate it, and you will lose both the vehicle and the money you paid for it.

    Each year 150,000 vehicle thefts are recorded by insurance companies. If you buy one of these vehicles, the insurance company could repossess it.

  • Is it an insurance write-off?

    Over 500,000 vehicles are written-off (declared 'total losses') by insurers each year in the UK. Some can be safely repaired and put back on the roads, but others will be death traps, and should be scrapped. We recommend you have the vehicle inspected by an organisation such as the RAC before considering purchasing the vehicle. If you do buy one of these vehicles it may invalidate your motor insurance.

  • Has it got outstanding finance?

    Over 7 million vehicles are purchased in the UK using some form of finance. The check identifies whether a vehicle has outstanding finance registered against it. You should ensure the finance has been settled before you buy the vehicle. If the finance is not settled, the finance company will retain an interest in the vehicle and could repossess the vehicle.

  • Has it had previous plates?

    Personalised number plates are becoming increasingly popular. Most are perfectly innocent, but beware - crooks can use a change of plate to try to obscure a vehicle's true past.

  • Do the number plates match the chassis number?

    The chassis number or VIN is given to each vehicle during the manufacturing process and should never be changed or tampered with. Any mismatch signals a possible stolen vehicle.

  • Does the bike match the latest DVLA data?

    The DVLA (and DVA for vehicles registered in Northern Ireland) data provides confirmation of the vehicle's physical details, including make, model, door plan, fuel, transmission, engine size and number. You should investigate with DVLA if any of these do not match the vehicle or V5 registration document before going ahead with a purchase.

  • Does it have any mileage discrepancies?

    'Clocking' or turning back the mileage reading on a vehicle is a major problem in the UK, costing an estimated £100 million per annum. HPI operates the National Mileage Register (NMR), containing over 125 million recorded mileages.

  • Is it at risk of being sold illegally?

    Some vehicles should not be offered for sale, such as rental cars or dealer demonstrators. The check will tell you if a vehicle being offered for sale is registered as belonging to one of these organisations.

  • Does it have a stolen V5/logbook?

    HPI provides a unique V5/logbook document check to identify if it is one of the batch of documents confirmed by the DVLA as having been stolen. You will need to provide the V5/logbook serial number and issue date for us to complete this check. You will also be covered by the HPI Guarantee when you provide the V5/logbook serial number and issue date (terms and conditions apply).

Completing and updating your Check

See what to expect with our sample report.

If you don't have all the information required to complete your check straightaway, you can come back online and update your check for free within the next 30 days.

* subject to terms & conditions.
** where available.