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HPI – VIN/Chassis Check

As well as checking the vehicle’s registration number we also check there are no issues recorded against the car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

VIN Check

Along with checking the vehicle registration plate, every HPI car check we offer includes a VIN check as well. This inspects whether there are any issues with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and shows up if there are any problems recorded against it and the vehicle.

Any issues that a UK VIN check brings up can be a signal that the car has been stolen or encountered serious problems that are being masked. Therefore, you should avoid purchasing the used car, van or motorbike, should this be the case.

UK Car Chassis Number Check

The vehicle chassis number is checked against the one on the V5C document and logbook that comes with the car, to ensure that everything is legitimate and in order. If they do not match, then it is likely that the car has experienced some serious problems in the past or is a stolen vehicle and you will not be able to find its accurate vehicle history.

Our chassis number check is powered by data from the DVLA, insurance companies, police records and more, to help deliver reliable results. It means that everything the vehicle checker brings up can be trusted and used to help you make an informed decision when buying a used vehicle from anywhere.

Online Vehicle History Search

The HPI vehicle checker services allow you to discover an accurate history of any vehicle you are after. This includes flagging if a vehicle is a write-off, to help you avoid buying an unsafe used car.

Be wary of places that claim to offer a free car check, as there is no such thing. These places will not be providing a genuine HPI car check, possibly supplying inaccurate information, so should be avoided. Contact us for more information about our VIN number checker and overall HPI car checks.

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