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What is HPI Clear?

HPI Clear refers to a car, motorbike, van or any other motorised vehicle registered in the UK that has had an HPI Check and showed no adverse data recorded against it. It is the ultimate seal of approval and offers complete peace of mind when buying a second hand car.

What's in a Clear HPI Report?

A vehicle is only HPI Clear if the HPI Report shows the following:

  • There is no active finance agreement or loan secured on it

    If there is finance outstanding you should ensure the debt is settled prior to purchase. A vehicle with outstanding debt will remain the property of the finance company until it’s cleared. This means that the vehicle could be repossessed at any time.
  • It is not currently recorded as stolen on the Police National Computer

    A vehicle that’s recorded as stolen could be recovered by the Police and returned to its rightful owner. Even if you bought the vehicle in good faith, if you bought it from a private seller you would have very little legal recourse.
  • It has not been classified as a total loss / write-off by an insurance company

    Vehicles recorded as written off after October 1st 2017 are categorised as A, B, S or N. Current Cat C or D vehicles will remain as such.

    A car that’s previously been classified as a Category A or B write-offs are unsafe and should never be returned to the road. A Category S, N, C or D write-off has an often be declared a total loss for economic reasons where the cost of the repair outweighed the value of the vehicle.

    Please note that Cat S, N, C & D write-offs can be safe to buy as long as you are sure of the extent of the damage and the quality of the repair.
  • It hasn’t been recorded scrapped by the DVLA

    A vehicle that’s been recorded as scrapped should not be returned to the road.
  • It has consistent mileage readings with no discrepancies

    Inconsistent mileage readings can be a sign that the vehicle has been clocked.

To ensure a vehicle is fully HPI Clear further checks should be done on the V5C commonly known as the logbook and the VIN/Chassis number. After conducting your check, we highly recommend you update it with the V5C/logbook number and date of issue so we can verify it isn’t one of a stolen batch and that it’s the most recent issue. We will also ask for the VIN/Chassis number as some interests are recorded against the VIN rather than the vehicle’s registration.

Only when all of the above have been checked and verified clear using a genuine HPI Check® can the vehicle be deemed HPI Clear.

HPI Clear is the ultimate verification of a clear history on a vehicle and provides the buyer with complete peace of mind.

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