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What if my HPI Check shows a problem

Stolen vehicle

If the vehicle comes up as stolen, you should not proceed with the purchase unless HPI can give you the all clear. We will contact the police to check whether they need to take any action and then let you know what will be happening.

Outstanding finance

HPI will provide details of the companies involved and give you a reference number so you can contact them directly to discuss the outstanding finance agreement. A settlement can usually be agreed between the seller, the finance house and the purchaser.

Previous damage

If a vehicle appears on this register, it has been written-off by an insurance company. If the damage occurred after 1996, HPI can tell you whether it is a category ‘A’ or ‘B’ write-off, which means it must never reappear on the road; or a category ‘C’ or ‘D’, which can be roadworthy following proper repair and inspection. If the total loss is a result of a theft claim, we will contact the insurance company on your behalf.

Inspection report

This register provides details of written-off vehicles that have been properly repaired and have passed an independent Autolign-approved structural examination. HPI have access to all car accident history records and can usually provide a copy of the original inspection for a fee.

Vehicle identity

This provides confirmation of details recorded by the manufacturer. If the description supplied doesn’t match the car or the V5 registration document, HPI will investigate through the DVLA, on request.

Security watch

This is a register of vehicles that are high fraud or theft risks, such as rental cars. If a vehicle appears on this register, HPI will pass your details to whoever placed the security interest so that they can contact you for information regarding the sale.

Number plate transfer

This will show every legitimate plate change since April 1990. You are advised not to buy a car until it has been given the all clear under all its previous plates.

VIN match

If the unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN, also known as the chassis number) on the vehicle doesn’t match the V5 registration document, this may indicate that it’s either stolen or a ringer. If there is a discrepancy, HPI can investigate and contact the police, if requested.

Document match

If your HPI used car check provides a warning on the issue date or serial number of the V5 registration document, HPI can investigate the true status of the documentation at no extra charge. If it turns out to be fraudulent, we will advise you to notify the police.

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